Valentine Heart Garland diy

I’ve never been a huge fan of the commercialness of Valentine’s Day, but I love the sentiment.  Its the perfect excuse to celebrate the people I LOVE and let them know just how special they are!  A gift from the heart (preferably hand made) is what Valentines means to me.

DIY heart garland

This year, in place of the usual card, I chose to make something a little different – Paper Heart Strings.  I have several strings hung in my studio window and I love how they twirl and the shadows they make on my wall.

recycled valentine ideas

These heartstrings are so easy to make (and won’t break the bank)  I already had all the supplies at home. I used old magazines but scrapbook paper, giftwrap or wallpaper would work just as well.  I made a heart template out of cardstock and then traced and cut out all my hearts.  I used 12 in each strand but you can make them any length you wish.

paper heart valentine

Next I sewed each heart strand together, leaving a 1″ gap between each heart and making sure I left longer threads at the top of each row so I could tie them up.  At the end of each string I added a strip of paper so that I could write a little message of love.  If you don’t own a sewing machine then simply use twine and glue to attach the hearts.

paper heart decorations

And Voila.  You can hang several heart strings as a decoration or send a single strand to someone you love, with a heartfelt message attached.

valentine diy gift

love you valentine

How will you be celebrating this year?  Are you pro or anti Valentine’s day?


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