Last weekend I suddenly cracked!  I couldn’t work in the mess my office had become any longer. Of course, I knew where everything was (even if it sometimes took me a while to find it) but it was hard to create or be inspired while sitting in piles of clutter!

There was only one thing that could save me, a trip to IKEA.  They make organisation look effortless and stylish – plus their meatballs are awesome.It was a tight squeeze fitting all of our purchases into the car, but we made it home.

Now for the hard part, making up all the shelves, drawers and desks, but thanks to my wonderful Husband and eldest Son it was soon done.  Next, the even harder part – organizing all of my ‘stuff’ into the space.  If you know me, I am anything but organised, but slowly it began to take shape. A friend who stopped by was even put to work, sorting my enormous paper stash into colours and patterns. Thanks Kim!  All the 12×12 sheets of paper, that I seem unable to resist, fit perfectly into the EXPEDIT shelving unit.

I bought two HERMES 3 drawer units and placed them in the window alcoves.  The large drawers are great for storing all my fabrics and japanese papers.  I also purchased a set of drawer dividers for the top drawer so that I can fit all of my glues, glitters, beads and embellishments and find them really easily.

The desk is simply two VIKA AMON table tops, which my husband attached to the wall one end, and are supported by ALEX drawer units the other.  Its great to have such a large area to spread everything out onto when I’m designing, which is usually quite a messy process!

Its amazing how a neat and tidy office can boost creativity.  Its exactly the inspiration I needed.

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