Magnet Board Tutorial

I have hundreds of photos on my phone but I still prefer looking at actual printed images. My fridge is full of our family memories, plus reminder notes. Those who know me well, know that I am hopelessly forgetful. It’s awful. The fridge is overloaded, paper and magnets spiral around the kitchen everytime someone opens the door.  To ease the situation I decided to make a magnet board that I could hang on the wall.  I wanted it to compliment the decor and also look good on its own naked so to speak! Here’s what I came up with …

fabric magnet board tutorial

A fabric covered magnet board.  All you need is an old frame, fabric, a piece of galvanized metal roofing flashing (I bought mine at Home Depot) tin cutters (or pair of scissors you don’t use anymore)and spray adhesive.

supplies for magnet board diy

Step 1: Take the frame apart, discard the glass as you won’t need this. Spray paint the frame if its shabby or not the colour you want, and then use the backing board as a template to cut a piece of the metal flashing. It needs to be the same size as the backing, a teeny bit smaller is okay but not any bigger as it needs to fit back inside the frame at the end.

Step 2: Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the backing board of the frame.  I allowed an overlap of half an inch all the way round. Iron the fabric to make sure it is nice and smooth.

cut to size

Step 3: Attach the metal sheeting to the front of the backing board using the spray adhesive.

Step 4: Place the fabric right side down and center the backing board metal side down on top.  Cut the corners off the fabric so that it is easier to fold over.

   how to make fabric magnet board

Step 5: Fold over the edges and glue down, making sure to pull the fabric tightly.

magnet board back

Step 6: Now place your fabric covered board back into the frame and Voila!  A functional frame, that is a piece of art in itself and also a beautiful place to keep your photos and to do lists!  Just add magnets.

diy magnet boardsI forgot to take a photo of the finished one I was making above before it went to its new owner, so here are two I have previously made. The magnets used in this image are also handmade by me, and are available here. They make a great gift for the holidays!

British magnet gift set

Countdown to Christmas

Each year my kids get more excited the closer we get to Christmas, especially my youngest and instead of the usual cardboard chocolate filled advent calendars I wanted to create something a little different this year!  I splashed out and purchased a professional grade button maker in the summer and thought this was a great project to try and use it.

This is what I came up with!

christmas countdown calendar

I drew a few branches of winter berries and created this design which I printed out and attached to a metal sheet, then placed it in a frame and made up the number magnets.  My kids can switch up the numbers as we count down the days of December until the big day itself!

I have added these to our online store.  Each set comes with 12 magnets, the numbers 0 through to 9 plus an extra number 1 and an extra number 2.

A few different designs are available.

Great Gift Ideas for Teachers

School’s out for Summer!!

Well almost, just four more weeks to go and then no more worrying about what to pack for lunch!  Having 4 school age kids I have a deep respect for teachers, they are a big part of our children’s lives and so every year I like to make something personal for them to show how much we appreciate the time and effort they’ve  invested.

This year I got a little carried away and created several different ideas and let each of my kids choose which one they wanted to give their own teacher.

This classroom rules print can be personalised with the teacher’s name and even the rules can be customized.

This is my youngest’s choice (so hoping her teacher doesn’t see this).  A bright typographic print of an apple.  Included in all the teaching related words is the name of her school, teacher and the grade she was in.  This print is available in our store and can be personalised.

All teachers like to send out thank you notes to their students and parents and so these make a great gift.  Similar design to the print but this time using words that mean thank you in many languages.

I also played around with the button machine for a while and came up with a set of magnets and various purse mirrors.

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