Countdown to Christmas

Each year my kids get more excited the closer we get to Christmas, especially my youngest and instead of the usual cardboard chocolate filled advent calendars I wanted to create something a little different this year!  I splashed out and purchased a professional grade button maker in the summer and thought this was a great project to try and use it.

This is what I came up with!

christmas countdown calendar

I drew a few branches of winter berries and created this design which I printed out and attached to a metal sheet, then placed it in a frame and made up the number magnets.  My kids can switch up the numbers as we count down the days of December until the big day itself!

I have added these to our online store.  Each set comes with 12 magnets, the numbers 0 through to 9 plus an extra number 1 and an extra number 2.

A few different designs are available.

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