Free Holiday Gift Tags

Gift Wrap Ideas

Have you started wrapping your gifts yet?  I am just beginning to and this year I have designed these cute gift tags to add to all our gifts, and I’d like to share them with you!  Just click on the download button at the end of this post.
Gift Tags

Simply print out the tags onto an 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock, cut out and punch the hole. Add ribbon or bakers twine and start wrapping.

Printable Christmas Gift Tag

Free Holiday Gift Tags

Free Christmas Gift Tag


These gift tags are strictly for personal use only. If you are kind enough to share please do not link directly to the downloadable file, but to this page instead.

Thank you and Happy Holidays

Karen xo

DIY Christmas Decoration

I love how our home feels this time of year, the twinkling fairy lights, smell of the decorated fir tree and the fresh batch of cookies, and the sound of christmas tunes. But most of all I love the excitment in the air! This is my favourite holiday to decorate for and each year we try to make something new.  This year we chose these rafia and string wrapped ornaments.  I have to warn you this craft is extremely messy but so simple and lots of fun!  The best part was that apart from the pack of balloons that I found at the dollar store I already had everything else.


You will need:- balloons; glue; string, yarn or rafia; scissors, ribbon to hang the ornament (optional you could simply display them in a glass bowl) and if you like, glitter to add that touch of sparkle.


Now here is where it gets messy!  Blow up the balloon to the size you would like the ornament.  As I planned to hang these in our front window I made them quite big, but smaller ones to hang on the tree would be cute too.  Then pour some glue into a shallow dish (I added a tiny bit of water) and dunk the string or yarn into it making sure its well coated.  Then start wrapping it around the balloon, every which way you can. Keep doing this until you’ve covered most of it.  At this point I dipped the wet string into a bowl of glitter just to add a little extra christmas sparkle.  Then leave to dry.


Once completely dry you simply pop the balloon and carefully remove it.  Then I simply added a piece of ribbon and hung them in the window, but they would look great as a table centerpiece or simply placed on a shelf too.

Countdown to Christmas

Each year my kids get more excited the closer we get to Christmas, especially my youngest and instead of the usual cardboard chocolate filled advent calendars I wanted to create something a little different this year!  I splashed out and purchased a professional grade button maker in the summer and thought this was a great project to try and use it.

This is what I came up with!

christmas countdown calendar

I drew a few branches of winter berries and created this design which I printed out and attached to a metal sheet, then placed it in a frame and made up the number magnets.  My kids can switch up the numbers as we count down the days of December until the big day itself!

I have added these to our online store.  Each set comes with 12 magnets, the numbers 0 through to 9 plus an extra number 1 and an extra number 2.

A few different designs are available.

Christmas Countdown!

The best part about Christmas for me is the anticipation.  Each year, ever since we were kids, we’ve had an advent calendar and dutifully opened it each day counting down to the Big Day.  With our busy lives we usually buy an advent calendar but a couple of years ago we made this one and so we decided to try it again this year.  I’ve been searching the web for ideas and narrowed it down to these favourites.

matchbox advent tree from the

This is such a great idea to use glass topped metal tins with magnets on the bottom, arranged on the fridge for everyone to admire.  Read how to make it  here

This colourful advent calendar is available as a kit from Sew Unique.

A cone-iferous advent! This is a fun new twist on the traditional advent calendar, a forest of paper cones that hide tiny treasures

We chose this year to make an advent tree using matchboxes bought at the dollar store  The whole lot cost $5.00.  This was a great sunday afternoon craft with my girls, we put on christmas music to get us in the mood and simply wrapped the outside of the boxes with scrapbook paper and then decorated with stickers and cut out images and numbers

I hot glued a magnet onto the back of each of the boxes (a couple on the big one) and then arranged them on the side of the fridge in the shape of a tree.  Of course we first had to take down all the other notes and reminders etc that were on the fridge and store them carefully in a drawer until after Christmas!

I slipped a little note inside each one with a treat or fun activity to do each day, trying  to come up with ideas that were mostly about spending time together and pretty much free.  Santa’s on a budget this time of year! Here are a few examples but you can do whatever you like, start some new traditions.

Cut out paper snowflakes and decorate the windows; Choose some festive foods and deliver to the food bank;  Make popcorn and watch a holiday movie together;  Make christmas cookies;  Make a treat for the birds;  Go for a walk and see the christmas lights;  Watch the santa claus parade;  Wear something red today;  Wish at least 3 people merry christmas (not including your family)

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