Being a mother is one of my favourite things.  My kids are everything, I’d do anything for them (my husband would probably say too much!) but I’m looking forward to the one day a year when the tables are turned and they get to wait on me.

 This year is extra special as my mum will be visiting and whilst I was planning a little something special for her it got me thinking about what I would like as a gift myself.  Plus my DD has been complaining that I am so difficult to buy for.  So, to help her out, here are my top 5 gift ideas for mothers day, in no particular order.

1. Obviously it goes without saying – breakfast in bed – brought up on a tray with fresh flowers from the garden or more likely in our case paper flowers handmade by my kids (as the dog has probably trampled any that dared to show their face in the backyard!)

DIY Paper Poppies from Twigg Studios

2. Homemade Cookies. This is a great idea the kids can make by themselves or with Dad’s help. If you can’t make them then package up Mom’s favourite store cookies or candy with a handwritten love note.  Holly’s ginger cookies are to die for!!  Hint Hint.

3. A pretty journal, preferably unlined – you can never have too many of these. I always have one with me to jot down things or sketch ideas.

4. A good book with a handmade bookmark, so I’ll be forced to take some me time. Add a personal touch, write a little message of your own on the inside jacket to let Mom know what she means to you!

These are some of my favourites in the best seller list at the moment. (Note to my kids the middle one is top of my list)

5. A friendship bracelet, made with love. I found this great tutorial from Lovely Indeed while searching the web. Its easy to follow and the bracelets have little hearts woven all the way around.  So cute!  You can make one for yourself too so you and Mom have matching bracelets

I may not get this mother thing right all the time, I’m still learning so much from my children and appreciating my own mother more too! Whatever tomorrow brings the greatest gift I can receive is their love.

Wishing all the mothers and grandmothers out there a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY – relax and enjoy your day, however you choose to celebrate!


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