Gifts Mom will Love

This Sunday is Mothers Day, and as a thank you to all the mothers, grandmas and just awesome women out there I’m offering a 15% discount off my entire store until the end of May. Simply use code MOMSDAY15 at checkout and treat your Mom, or just treat yourself you deserve it!

For me, Mothers Day is about showing Mom just how much she means to you, letting her know she is appreciated and loved even though you may not always show it. So kids if you’re listening here are my ideas for the best Mothers Day gift ever.

A HANDWRITTEN NOTE – Write a heartfelt letter or card to Mom that she can keep and reread from time to time.

TIME - This is the most precious gift you can give, so spend the day with Mom doing what she loves to do.

BRUNCH - Make Mom her favourite breakfast or as the weather is going to be so great this weekend, plan a picnic in the park.

RELAX - Take care of the chores for her so she can relax and read a book, you know that one she’s had since Christmas and still not got around to reading.

HANDMADE GIFTS - For me, these are always the best gifts to receive, so much love and care goes into creating them. Here are my top picks from around the web. Note to my kids: number 1 is so pretty and its recycled too!



1 Colourful Flower Tins –

2 DIY Cashmere Cup Cozy – Setting for Four

3 Keepsake Box – A Night Owl

4 Pom Pom Bouquet -

5 DIY Nautical Rope Vase -

6 Kids Artwork Towel – Setting for Four

7 Baking Cannisters –

Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely moms, stepmoms, moms to be and grandmothers.  Have a wonderful weekend relaxing and getting spoiled!


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