Making everyday chores fun!

I was asked recently by a busy mom to create a set of chore magnets for her children.  It was such a great idea I had to do it, and I made a set for our house too! Before I had kids my home was clean and relatively organised but now, with a family of four, anyone entering our front door could mistakenly think we’ve been burgled.  Clothes, books and toys discarded anywhere and everywhere and don’t even look in the kitchen!

personalised chore magnet setsHandmade chore magnets with personalised bag

I want our home to be a spontaneous, fun, and creative place to live so too many rules aren’t my thing, but I also want to teach my kids to be responsible. Plus I could sure use some help around here! So I set to work and designed a set of eight chore magnets plus a heart and star that can be used as a “well done” or “good job” once the tasks have been completed.

My client’s children were young so we chose things that they could achieve, but as mine are older I also included chores like emptying/filling the dishwasher, vacuuming, walking the dog and clearing the snow. The magnets can be customised to suit your family life. The best part, it’s actually making a difference.  I have 4, much more willing helpers and am not having to remind them to do things all the time (just some of the time).

framed chore charts

 I made a chore chart magnet board for everyone and hung them in the kitchen.  In our house this is where we do most of our living so it seemed the best spot. Click here for instructions on how to make a magnet frame like this.

I have created two different sized charts that you can download for free and use either in a frame as I did, or on the fridge. Simply click on the download button at the end of this post. Print out onto 8.5 x 11 paper or cardstock, add your child’s name and sit back and relax as your kid’s do the work for you.

printable full chore charts

printable chore charts mini

If you’d like a set of the chore magnets they are available in our store, and can be personalised to suit your particular family, just send me a message.  I’m always interested to see how you make use of our products, so please send me a photo of you putting those magnets to use.

kids fridge chore sheet

download-buttonThese printables are strictly for personal use only. If you are kind enough to share please do not link directly to the downloadable file, but to this page instead

Thank you

Karen xo

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