diy photo frame whiteboard

It feels like party central in our house at the moment! This past month we’ve celebrated 2 special birthdays (an 18th and a Sweet Sixteen) and had family visit from England.  That’s a lot of memories to capture, and our fujifilm instant camera is just perfect for recording all the fun.  Point, click and the photo appears right before your eyes. Only problem was we had nowhere to keep them. A few found their way to the fridge, others to a shelf and the rest were stuffed in a drawer.  I wanted to create something to display the photos where we could write captions or notes to each other and this is what I came up with.

diy whiteboardA fabric backed frame which does double duty as a whiteboard and photo holder.

Its a simple and inexpensive project, and adds a great pop of colour to our kitchen.

diy photo display board

You will need:-

a frame (I chose one with perspex instead of glass as I wanted it to be safe for my kids to write on)

fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap

felt or adhesive letters

double sided tape






diy whiteboard tutorial

First you need to take the frame apart and cover the back of the frame with your choice of fabric or paper.  If you are using paper you can simply cut it to the same size as the backing but as I was using a thin fabric which was quite slippy, I wrapped it around the backing.  Make sure you pull it tight to get out all the creases before taping it down and neatly trimming the edges.

kitchen quotes

To personalise the frame a little I handcut letters out of felt and glued them to the fabric. We dance in our kitchen – a lot!  We even have a disco ball hanging above the island with a coloured spotlight to reflect coloured dots all around the room while we cook and entertain, so this seemed the perfect quote.

this kitchen is for dancing

Then you simply put the frame back together. To display the photos I wrapped lines of string around the front of the frame and secured them on the back with a pushpin.

diy whiteboard

You can use pegs or paperclips to attach the photos to the string and add your own messages by writing on the perspex with dry erase markers. When you want to switch up the photos you can wipe the frame clean.

polaroid camera display board

How do you record your family birthday celebrations?  Let me know if you create your own memory board.


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