It’s only 21 days to Christmas as I write this, but whose counting? We are!

It is one of our family traditions to make an advent calendar each year. There are so many great ideas out there on the web but this year time was tight, so it had to be something we could put together with supplies on hand and quickly.  I actually finished this with my daughters Saturday morning, just in time for the first of December.

We had a lot of fun creating it!

It was so simple.  All you need is 24 envelopes, glue, scissors, scraps of coloured paper, string and mini pegs.  Start by decorating the envelopes with the numbers 1 through to 24.  Hang the string on the wall (or across a blackboard as we did) and peg each envelope on.

Then place a candy, gift or activity written on a piece of paper inside, for example make Christmas cookies or watch a Christmas movie together inside each of the envelopes. VOILA!

Do you make or buy an advent calendar each year.  If not, start a new tradition with your family!

Above is our masterpiece from two Christmases ago, and below last years.

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