A Scarlett Tradition – our Advent Calendar

I love this time of year, and my favourite part is the countdown to Christmas. It’s become a tradition in our house to create our own advent calendar and, in place of gifts or chocolates each day we do an activity as a family to celebrate the season!

Recycled advent calendar

Over the years our calendar has taken many forms, including ornaments on a twig tree – magnetic gift boxes arranged on the fridgenumbered envelopes – gift tags in a frame, but this year needed to be a little different as we will be travelling for half the month. Our calendar is a fun way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas and it keeps us laughing and focusing on the real spirit of the season during the chaos and busyness that December brings.

Kids activity advent calendarAs we won’t be home for the holidays this year, but instead travelling around stopping with various friends and family along the way, our calendar has to be compact and mobile. I decided to make 24 cone shaped christmas trees using various green patterned scrapbooking papers I had lying around, each one slightly smaller than the last.  I cut out red flowers and numbered them 1 to 24 and attached them to the trees, adding a small tag with the day’s activity written on the back.

Family Activity Advent Calendar

This is how they all looked before I stacked them into one big Christmas tree.  I chose activities like, taking a walk around the neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights, watching a christmas movie, making paper ornaments, baking cookies for our neighbours and my favourite, having an indoor snowball fight using paper or styrofoam snowballs. I can’t wait to open this one!

For a great list of activity ideas check out adrielbooker.com.

Paper Tree Advent Calendar

Once all the trees were finished I stacked them all in order one on top of the other.  To keep the trees together and to make transporting them easier I placed them all inside a recycled Tim Hortons’ coffee cup, their festive designs make them a perfect choice!  (Being a coffee addict has its advantages). I turned the cup upside down and placed a wooden skewer through the already made hole in the centre of the lid and then fed it through all the paper trees, adding a glittery star to the top.  The cup then fits over the tree to keep the calendar safe when travelling.

Recycled advent calendar

Day one has been ‘opened’ and the activity of decorating the real christmas tree completed.  As we remove the little trees each day we can create our own minature forest on the dresser.

Christmas tree advent calendar

Celebrate all the little moments with your family this season and share the joy.


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