The last few weeks of school are always a crazy time in our house!! This year add to the usual chaos, a business travelling husband, my eldest son’s grad, and we leave for a family vacation to England on the last day of school so all my work needs to be finished and suitcases packed by 29 June!
In the madness I left it to the last minute to get a fathers day gift for my husband this year. Thankfully I found a great project by Nichole Heady at Papertrey Ink and was inspired. Since my kids are all involved in different activities I couldn’t get them together in one place to photograph as she did forming the letter DAD with their bodies, so I took individual shots instead.
I took photos of them holding up a blank piece of cardstock and then added the text in photoshop plus quote I really love and … VOILA. Best thing is Adam loved it.
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